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 The foundation is the first non-profit organization with ideal aims, working in the field of banking, finance and industry since 1992.

It annually provides scholarships  to students in economy and finance and from the vocational high-schools, named after Atanas Burov, organised  the only in the country Summer Schools for students dedicated to modern banking and corporate governance, initiates competitions for essays among students on important for the development of the financial system problems, implements a joint educational initiative called "Investment Academy" to disseminate the opportunities for corporate and personal investment  in the country.

It supports the participation of young experts in different programs for professional accreditation and in distant learning programs.
The foundation awards annually "Burov" prizes for banking and financial management and industrial management for prominent Bulgarian executives. 

It has initiated the naming of central town squares in the capital and town of Gorna Oryahovitza after Atanas Burov , has supported the publication of books and production of films, has organized historic research, documentary exhibitions, archive collection, memorial places and monuments of its patron.

The foundation is financed by the donations of its trustees.


© 2004 фондация "Атанас Буров"