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The foundation grunts scholarships for students in economy, finance and banking from universities in Bulgaria .

 The scholarship is 180 leva paid monthly during the nine months of the academis year.

The beneficiaries are approved through a competition which is held in November and eligible for it are full-time, at least third year students having excellent academic record during all the semesters. The applicants are also asked to submit an essay on hot for banking and finance topics.

 The approved students are attached to at least two young professionals - members of the “Burov Club” who help them in building up an adequate professional and carrier orientation during education.

Since 1993 over 450 scholarships have been grunted.  About 60 per cent of  all scholarship students have been employed by banks and industrial companies – trustees of the foundation.

Burov scholarships are also grunted for students from vocational  high schools in economics. Since 2001 twenty scholarships of 60 leva paid monthly during the nine months at school have been grunted to such students.


Granted annually since 2004 to students in economy, BA and finance  with very good academic record. Applications are received by end of November. Applicants are asked to submit an essay on more general economic topics of importance for the sustainable growth of national economy. After evaluation of the written works the most successful of them are invited to interview.

The amount of the scholarship is 200 leva per month paid during the nine months at the university.


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