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National Economics and Accounting Contest

On May 12 and 14 2007 the first contests in economics and accounting among students from vocational  high schools in economics form the country were organized.

The contests were initiated by the Atanas Burov Foundation and financed by it with the support of the Minsitry of Education and Science.


The host of the economics contest ( May 12) was the State High School of Commerce from the town of Svishtov . 34 last year students from all vocational schools in the country participated in it.

The accounting contest was held in the town of Gorna Oryahovitsa on May 14 and it was hosted by the Vocational School in Light Industry and  Economics “Atanas Burov”. Here 43 students were participating.

Two juries one in accounting chaired by Dr. Roumyana Pozharevska, UNWE and the other in economics headed by Prof. Dr. Lyuben Kirev, AE-Svsihstov  guaranteed that regulations were observed and that the computer scores were objective.

The winners received diplomas and awards of 180, 150 and 100 BGN respectively. They were handed to them by the Mr. Nikoforov, Velikotanovo District Governor, Mr. N. Kolev, Mayor of the Gorna Oryahovitsa Municipality and the member of theMB of the foundation Mr. Zh. Kyurkchiev.   



Summer School


On April 27 2007 the participants n the first two modules of the Summer School of the foundation – “Risk management” and “Retail banking” received their certificates. 


21 students attended the training in retail banking. They were trained by experts from Commercial bank Allianz Bulgaria, Unicredit Bulbank, Raiffeisenbank Nulgaria, United Bulgarian Bank, Bulgarian National Bank and the Bulgarian Deposit Insurance Fund.  


In the module dedicated to the bank risks 18 students took part. They lecturers were experts from Bulgarian National Bank, DSK Bank, Unicredit Bulbank, Encouragement bank and Standard Asset management.


The participants received their certificates from Mr. Roumen Simeonov, Deputy governor  of BNB and Mr. Sv. Gavriiski, CEO of CB Allianz Bulgaria .  


General Meeting of the Trustees


The  called on Aprol 12 2007 General meeting of the trustees  approved the report of the Managing Board on the 2006 activities and budget and adopted the 2007 program and budget.


Amendments to the Articles of the foundation were approved as well. Mrs. Vanya Vassileva, Mrs. Daneta Zheleva, Mr. Zhechko Kyurkchiev, Mrs. Rossitsa Balabanova and Mrs. Sasho Donchev were elected as new members of the MB.


TBI Asset Management and Mr. Penyo Hadzhiev were admitted as new trustees.


Mrs. Violina Marinova was re-elected  as Chairman of the MB for another three years.


Non-Banking Financial Sector Seminar

On April 5 2007, at the premises of the F S C the participants in the traditional seminar for students from vocation high schools in economics received their certificates. The seminar was organized for the third time by the F S C, Ministry of Education and Science and the foundation. 20 students and 5 teachers took part in it. The certificates were handed by Mrs. E. Vitkova- Deputy education minister, Mr. A. Apostolov- Chairman of F S C and Mrs. V. Marinova- Chairman of the BoM of the foundation.

The event was attended by representatives of management and insurance companies, pension funds and the Bulgarian Stock Exchange-Sofia which had hosted the practical visits of the students to their companies, as well as by Mr. Stoyan Toshev- Chairman of the Bulgarian Association of Management Companies.




On January 30 2007, the 132nd  anniversary of the patron of the foundation will be commemorated. His name and deeds are symbol of united wills and efforts  for the sake of democracy and economic progress of the country, its cultural and economic integration with the rest of the European peoples.

An article titled “ When reason becomes capital. Patriarchal lessons on management” published in the Banker Weekly ( #4/ 01/24/07) is dedicated and the students form the “Atanas Burov” Vocational High School in Economics from the town of Panaguyrishte dedicated to this date a special edition of their newspaper “Badeshte”.

On the commemoration day the high school received its ISO 9001:2000  certificate issued by  Moody International GmbH. With this it becomes the first school in Bulgaria with quality management system. The 4th computerized classroom equipped with a donation from “Assarel Medet” was inaugurated as well.


The students and teachers from the “Atanas Burov”  Vocational High School in Gorna Oryahovitsa  celebrated the date through laying flowers on the Atanas Burov Square in their native town and a special program was broadcasted by the school radiostation. 


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