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Objectives:  To stimulate the research activity  of students , their ability for analysis and orientated their academic education towards practice, Establishment of a clearly defined academic investment community.
Time: October 6 and  7
Place: Conference center of The Tzenov Academy – Svishtov
Inaugurated by the rector of the Academy ass. prof. Neno Pavlov.
Participants were greeted on behalf of the trustees by Mr. Oleg Nedyalkov , Chairman of the Supervisory boards of Allianz Bulgaria Bank and Doverie United Holding.
Student conference
October 6
23 student researches and reports on implemented projects in
“Investment and capital markets”
“Corporate finance”
were presented by 30 students of  5 universities.
Most successful student reports defined through secret voting among attending professors.
First award in “Investment and capital markets” went to  Ivan Ivanov, student from the Economic University – Varna for  “ Analysis and evaluation of mortgage bondsand  to Lidiya Poryazova, Tzenov Academy student for “Minimizing portfolio risk on the Bulgarian capital market through LPM  model for portfolio selection”.
With first award in “Corporate finance” was awarded Yovka Strashilova, Tzenov Academy for Capital structure of the Bulgarian public companies”.
In the “Banking” section no award so given.
The participating reports will be published in a special volume.
Conference results:
Stimulated research activity among students.
Implementation of competition approach.
Early identification of students with potential for career in investment management.
Round table of professors
October 7
25 professors from 6 universities attended it. They discussed the problems of organisation, lecturing and evaluation of knowledge on investment topics. Their common positions and ideas are reflected in the signed by them
Memorandum on Harmonizing the Lecturing on Investment Problems in the Bulgarian Universities
We, the participants in “Financiade 2005”, held on October 6 and 7 in the town of Svishtov,
expressing our will and readiness to unite efforts in lecturing and research in response to the challenges of the European future of the country, herewith propose and intend:

- To establish a  Bulgarian Financial Association;
- To extend the exchange of ideas for the academic documentation, methodology and content in teaching financial theory and practice in the Bulgarian Universities;
- The principle of student mobility on the level of a major to be implemented;
- To standardize the fundamental courses in each major;
- To insist on observing the market principle of allocation of students among majors;
- To secure high quality in lecturing and evaluation of the knowledge of students;
- To bring closer the teaching of financial theory to the needs of the Bulgarian practice.
Ass. prof. Roumyana Lilova, PhD, Tzenov Academy,Svishtov
Ass. prof. Mariana Assenova, PhD, Tzenov Academy,Svishtov
Ass. prof. Plamen Patev, PhD Tzenov Academy,Svishtov
Assistant prof. Nigohos Kanaryan, PhD, Tzenov Academy,Svishtov
Ass. prof. Stoyan Alexandrov, PhD, UNWE
Ass. prof. Stefan Vachkov, PhD, Economic University- Varna
Ass. prof. Emilya Yanakieva, PhD, Economic University- Varna
Ass. prof.Jordan Jordanov, PhD, Economic University- Varna
Prof. Radoslav  Tzonchev,PhD, New Bulgarian University
Ass. prof. Gancho Ganchev, South West  University- Blagoevgrad
Assistant prof. Dessislava Stoilova, PhD, South West  University- Blagoevgrad
Ass. prof. Tzvetan Ignatov, PhD, EF of Sofia University
Assistant  prof. Marcelin Yovogan, PhD, EF of Sofia University
Assistant prof. Bancho Banov, EF of Sofia University
Assistant prof. Margarita Glaveva, PhD, UNWE
Assistant prof. Ivan Kostov, PhD, UNWE
Round table results:
Agreement on common principles and criteria in content and quality of education in investment and its closer binding with the practical needs achieved.
An academic community in the field of investment defined.
The foundations of further inter university cooperation laid.


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