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Burov Squares

The foundation made an official proposal and the Sofia Town Council and that of the town of Gorna Oryahovitsa decided to name after Atanas Burov central town squares.

I n Sofia now the space between the buildings of Archaeology Museum, the Presidency, the Bulgarian national Bank and the National Assembly is already bearing this name.

Donated by the foundation bronze information plates with the image of Atanas Burov were installed at the squares.

The square in the capital was inaugurated by Mr. Vladimir Kissyov Chairman of the Town Council in the presence of deputy chairman of the parliament Mr. Lyuben Kornezov, the Governor of B N B , bankers, financiers, trustees, students and many citizens of Sofia.   

In Gorna Oryahovitsa the square  was inaugurated by the town mayor Mr. Nikolya Kolev and the event was attended by MPs, Mrs. Violina Marinova- Chairman of the MB, its member  Mr. Damyan Damyanov- CEO of Investbank and Mr. Illian Zafirov- Executive director of Corporative Commercial Bank.


© 2004 фондация "Атанас Буров"