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Burov Schools

The high schools in the country that bare the name of Atanas Burov are vocational schools of economy and business administration in the towns of Varna, Gorna Oryahovitza and Panagyurishte. They are the core of the  network  of schools which have chosen as a patron the great Bulgarian financier, banker, member of governments  and patriot and are an exle of the integration of education with practice. Their students conduct a valuable research work and promotional activities dedicated to the personality of Atanas Burov. In 2001 students and teachers in Panagyurishte placed a memorial  plate and a wood-carved crest at place of the initial burial of the Atanas Burov  in the vicinity of the Pazardjik prison. In 2003 they erected a memorial in front the school . On the façade of the school in G. Oryahovitza the first sculptured bronze image of Atanas Burov was  placed.            
Successful students from this network have each year the opportunity to apply for scholarships provided by the foundation. Declaring its support for  development of education adequate to the needs of the financial and industrial sectors of the  country, the Foundation has equipped and refurbished computer class rooms  to be used in teaching accounting and banking at the school in Gorna Oryahovitza and an innovation center at the school  in Panagyurishte. The funds for the two donations amounting  to 41 300 leva has been grunted by the trustee of the foundation Corporate Commercial Bank.



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